My meat feast at Akbar’s

Having been named the best restaurant in Manchester at the English Curry Awards, Safi Khan decided to try out Akbar’s and see what the fuss was about.

Founder Shabir Hussain established the first restaurant in Bradford with a mission to popularise his Indian cuisine.

With over 12 well established branches in major cities such as Bradford, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, Akbar’s is growing every single year.

When I arrived to a near full house venue in Birmingham, I was excited from the buzz and atmosphere. Me and my husband were seated quickly and we were given 10 minutes to decide what we wanted to eat. The service was super fast which made us feel like we needed to stay there longer as we were having a wonderful time.

For starter’s we ordered the Sheek Kebabs as you do. They were very cost effective at £2.95, served on a hot plate sizzling on a bed of onions and Lemon juice.

We chose from their homemade promoted cuisine which was authentic and truly delicious. We ended up eating the Karahi Chicken which was priced around £7.45 which was reasonable and worth the money and good service experienced.

We also went for the Lamb Handi which was around the same price. My husband preferred the lamb while I enjoyed the spicy and tenderness of the Chicken. Both dishes were seasoned very well. The lamb was cooked on the bone which is not something i usually go for but today was about testing new dishes made in a new way for me personally and I would highly recommend to visit Akbar’s if your a meat lover.

Final bill price for 2 – £25.15

A very happy Safi and Ahmed, completely understand why Akbar’s was named best restaurant in Manchester at the English Curry Awards this year. Will have to make a visit there as well.

By Safi Khan


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